Play with matches - You will get burned

Meet @BamBamDane_

[Wakes up, feathers floating in the air cell phone vibrating it’s way off the night stand] OH MY GOD @BamBamDane_ What -> @KenShelton1

have you done now? [Coughs. Spits out feathers] My comforter? [Looks over the bed for @BamBamDane_ feathers everywhere] -> @KenShelton1

Where are you? You’re in serious trouble young man! [Cough, sneeze. Falls back in a pile of feathers, groans in frustration -> @KenShelton1

as the cell phone buzzes off the nightstand] Great. [Grabs it from the floor, picking feathers off of it. Reads @KenShelton1’s text] ->

Thinking about me are you? I bet! [Text] @KenShelton1 (I’m home. I’m sick. You owe me a down comforter! 1 guess why! ~ Jillie) [Gets up] ->

@BamBamDane_ come out here this instant! [Stomps foot. Coughs. Sneezes] UGGG! You’re in BIG TROUBLE! I know you’re hiding …. @KenShelton1

[Mutters] What was I thinking. Get a dog I said to @KenShelton1. What does he come home with? A horse! Look how cute he is Jilly. OH yeah ->

he’s cute alright. That was when he was 6 weeks OLD. Now look at @BamBamDane_ 7 months old, big as a house and eating it too. [Grabs the ->

bacon from the fridge. Sneeze] Bless me. Oh btw Jilly, I got a job offer in New Orleans @KenShelton1 said, I hate to leave you but can ->

you keep @BamBamDane_ for me. Given the position I think it would be best. Of course @KenShelton1 he’s adorable, just like his father and ->

I’m an idiot. I would love to keep him for you! [Throws the bacon in the pan, turns on the burner] Well @KenShelton1, you’re tabs adding up!

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